The Commission Process

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait from Rupert this page will hopefully give you an insight to the process involved and the way Rupert works.

Although it is Rupert's preference to work, wherever possible, at least partially from life sittings, he recognises that this is not always feasible, and working solely from photographs will be considered. Please feel free to contact Rupert to discuss your ideas.

  1. Informal Discussion: Contact Rupert, without obligation, to discuss your requirements, size, time scale, etc.
  2. Initial Meeting: Either at the studio or at your home. During this first meeting, he likes to spend some time with the sitter, just getting to know them a bit better. This gives him a chance to observe and absorb a little of their character and mannerisms, which is important if a good likeness and rounded image is to result. At this stage, you can discuss possible ideas and compositions that you may have. Rupert usually makes sketches and notes and also takes a series of photographs.
  3. Preliminary Ideas: Back at the studio, Rupert would make a series of sketches from the first meeting to present possible compositions and to give an idea of the direction that the painting will take. Once one of the compositions has been settled upon, then the first sitting can be arranged. A deposit of 20% is due at the start of the commission the remaining 80% due on approval of the finished painting.
  4. Sittings: Rupert would normally need 3-6 sittings of around 2-3 hours each. Shorter sessions can be catered for especially if the portrait is of a child.
  5. Completion of Painting: When the painting is finished it will be unveiled to you either at the studio or at your home. Framing options may be discussed. Black Dog Studios offer a bespoke framing service. A wide choice of frames is available including hand painted and finished frames.
  6. Delivery: If you are happy with the painting, then the remaining 80% of the commission fee is now due. The painting can be delivered to you, or if you prefer you can collect it from the studio.
Please Click on the Image on the left to see the visual process that a portrait may take.
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