A portrait's progression

Stage 6 Finishing off details and final adjustments

The ladybird from the previous image has gone in favour of a money spider. I like spiders and whilst I was painting the picture, one happened to be crawling over my easel. I felt it was preferable to the ladybird and made a more interesting inclusion.

Hopefully, you will be able to see, although it is quite subtle, that I have adjusted some of the tones and colours and added in some highlights to try and give the painting a bit more depth and clarity. You may also be able to see that I have added some more detail into the eyes.

It is always a little difficult to know at what point a painting is really finished but when I think I have reached that stage, I like to hide it away and not look at it for a few days. This period of reflection allows me to view it again, with a fresh eye and possibly make any final minor alterations.

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