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Rupert Brooks in his studio

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The Last Dance

The Last Dance - Woodcock Scolopax Rusticola

The Woodcock a shy and secretive bird which if seen at all is normally a fleeting brief experience no more than a flicker of brown dancing through the undergrowth. I sometimes see them when walking through the woods near to where I live. My father brought this one back to the house which he found injured whilst out walking with Obadiah our little Jack Russell, unfortunately its injures were so bad that the kindest thing to do was to put it to sleep. This unfortunate event gave me the opportunity to look at the bird close up and study its beautifully subtle markings which make it so hard to spot in the undergrowth. The above painting is in part a response to this event the Woodcock in this double composition laid out flat, wing extended nearly but not quite touching almost as if in the last throng of life, the last dance.

The Migrants

The Migrants
Oil on Canvas
12 x 36"

The Migrants - Detail

The Migrants - Detail

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